Khaled Timawi

Khaled Timawi – CEO Timo Silver Co.

A journey of 42 years was crowned in a sanctuary that nurtured and raised jewelries. The journey started since 1975, when Khaled Timawi started working several places in manufacturing jewelry. Therefore, resulting in an enormous experience in working with hand made jewelry and statues.

Our sanctuary was established in 1996 in Jerusalem (The Holy Land). It started with Khaled and only 3 workers, and then gradually got bigger and more comprehensive. It is now a family business with much more workers and expertise. Our products were distributed around the world through many means

Now we distribute it directly from our sanctuary to the customers and wholesale upon request. Our sanctuary is known for its delicacy and precision. Every piece is being carefully handed and taken care of by hard working ambitious. Behind every model there is an inspiration and a story, an idea and a memory.

Phone: 0505492743

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